What we do

MYRN is creating an international research network to address the burden of cardiovascular disease.

It is estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) that cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) kill almost 17 million people each year, most of these children.  This is more than the mortality from malaria, HIV and tuberculosis combined.

WHO also estimates that the world lost around 148 million disability adjusted life years in 2002, and that by 2010 CVDs will be the leading cause of death in the developing world.  Much of this is treatable or preventable, yet CVDs remain prominent among the WHOs list of neglected diseases.

Qatar and other countries in the developed world have seen a decrease in conditions such as Rheumatic Heart Disease over recent years.  However, the Middle-East and Gulf region is thought to have a particularly high incidence of CVDs, though this cannot currently be verified due to a lack of adequate clinical, epidemiological or genetic data from the region.