Current Projects

MYRN's principal project focus at this time is on setting up the Qatar Cardiovascular Research Center (QCRC),  an international center of excellence in the Middle East for the study of cardiovascular diseases and for biotechnology development related to this field.  A partnership between the Qatar Foundation, MYRN and the Hamad Medical Corporation of Qatar, QCRC is the first of 7 centers which will eventually form the Qatar Biomedical Research Institute.

Previously, MYRN assisted in the development and implementation of the Aswan Heart Centre (AHC) in Egypt, a state of the art cardiovascular clinical and surgical facility serving the population in the deprived south of the country.  The Aswan Heart Centre is a not for profit hospital founded on the principle of serving patients based on need as opposed to their ability to pay for services.  It is now entirely run and funded through the Magdi Yacoub Foundation of Egypt, an independent NGO based in Cairo. 

MYRN still maintains research interests linked to the Aswan Heart Centre, co-sponsors an international conference and both edits and publishes an open access international research journal by the same name (the AHC Science & Practice Series).

Other MYRN projects in a variety of locations are presently at different stages of planning and development.